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opposes the bill and tells us: "to the extent that this proposed law would ban the display of products to adult tobacco consumers, we believe it goes too far." the supreme court will listen to arguments from a generic drug company in a critical case. millions of dollars are at stake as mutual pharmaceutical asks the nation's top court to overturn a $21-million jury award to a new hampshire woman. she took the company's generic verision of an anti- inflammatory drug, which left her blind and scarred. the case could determine the extent generic drug makers are liable for injuries even though federal laws require an exact copycat of the original drug. "if the supreme court decides to reverse the appellete court decision, which is 75% likely, it means it will almost be impossible to sue a generic drugmaker for anything." that was hugh totten of valorem law group. nearly 80% of all u.s. perscriptions are generics. fee hikes for merchants that sell on amazon are causing tension. amazon can thank third- party retailers - entities that sell on amazon's site - for amazon's record profits and
it, complain about it. we need to support our law enforcement. >>reporter: this is not the only area looking to the hell's angles for help. this council member says the angles are coming to his district to weekend to help clean up. >>> taxi drivers showed up in droves, both inside and outside san francisco city hall tonight outraged about what they call an unlevel playing field. city leaders were meeting to vote on the plan that zapped real time information on caps so people can hail them using a mobile app. first they heard from cab drivers, demanding regulations. they also expressed concerns about a proposal to allow hundreds of more cabs in the next years. >> before you guys started flooding the streets there, were enough drivers to cover shifts. there aren't anymore. if you have a broken leg, i have to show up. >> why should we follow these rules when we can go get a pink mustache and ignore the rules. >> drivers said they're making 50% yet. >>> droves are for the next big thing in the aerospace industry. in sacramento, law makers heard from the military experts about the civilia
complain about it. but yet we need to support our law enforcement. >> reporter: this is not the only area looking for help. the angels are coming to his district this weekend to help clean up. in oakland, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more solo drivers are buying their way into express lanes. that's helping to raise cash. the highway 237 to interstate 880 express lane generated $900,000 in the first year. or about $300,000 more than projected. transportation planners are considering several new express lanes by 2015. >>> it's taken five years but today san francisco-based twitter received its patent. the tech website says the u.s. patent and trademark office granted twitter's founders a patent. twitter has publicly promised to only use the patents defensively. the company will also require permission from its employees if it wants to take the offensive and sue another company over intellectual property. >>> comcast customers may have noticed their internet service has gotten a little quicker. they've increased the speeds of services for nearly all customers in california. the upgr
happens when the squirrel plays back. >> you're looking at adjunct law professor james olmstead, he's all happening at a y. student protest. it was basically a mock border check in that was organized by students against imperialism. >> if you want this country back, start a booep war and take it back. >> that's not how we have to do things. >> you can hear his speech and his behavior, they both seem to be aggressive. >> do something. >> is this just the professor's way of making a teaching moment? is he being confrontational for the purpose of the argument? >> he's not only verbally confrontational. but he also gets physically confrontation. >> are you photographing this? >> yes, i am photographing you because you're being aggressive. >> now we have another angle of this same incident. that's a moment where you see him take the phone -- >>> that brief moment of his aggression towards her, that kind of changing it all. >> the university has changes his teaching aseen m he will not return as anned a jujt law professor. olmstead was actually arrested in lieu of custody for second-degree thef
could soon make it harder for consumers to sue for a drug's side effects. under federal law, generic and brand name drugs are required to have the same warning label. now, generics are attempting to decrease liability over any harmful effects. generic companies say the industry is unable to change the product due to those federal standards. a hidden affordable care act fee is popping up for u.s. employers. the $63 fee will apply to plans covering millions of americans in 2014. it applies to employers who take on workers' medical bills and some private plans sold by insurers. the fee will be smaller in 2015 and 2016. meanwhile, the aca is projected to help 30 million uninsured americans. hedge fund manager carl ichan is pumping up his position in herbalife. according to reports, ichan recently purchased 2.3 million more shares of the stock, bringing his portfolio total to 16.4 million. ichan is said to be considering a number of options with the herbalife managment, such as a takeover. on the other side of the trade, hedge fund manager bill ackman had a short position in the stock whi
. >> the church needs to get out of the business of protecting priests, and get more into following the laws of reporting child abuse. >> the church treated abuse as a religious issue, but it's really a criminal issue. he told us, he's heard a lot of words from the church, but not a lot of concrete action. >> the pope is expected to meet with his predecessor, benedict xvi. the meeting is expected to take place just south of rome, where benedict has been living. at ktvu.com we have a tab dedicated to the pope's selection, including his first public address as pope, along with more local reaction. >>> we are learning new details tonight about the arrests made during last week's crime sweep in oakland. police tell us they arrested 17 people as part of the violence reduction program known as operation cease-fire. police believe most were gang members. those arrested are between 18 and 35 years old. most face charges related to having or using a gun as well as conspiracy to commit a crime. >>> fire investigators in antioch are trying to determine the cause of a house fire later today. it happened
the law. >> a straight line measurement would be within a quarter mile but the way the court chose to measure, was the path on the road. >> reporter: charles christman was accused of committing a lewd act with a boy in 1989 and similar crimes from the early 80s. he spent time in prison and last month a judge ordered him to be released from a state hospital. christman's new home is the same place verse once lived in 2004. today the property owner defended his latest tenant. >> this guy is the most monitored guy in california. he has a gps. he has two security guards with him right now. i believe him to be safe or i wouldn't be doing this. >> reporter: the final say could still come from an appeals court. >>> san francisco police are detailing the charges against a man wanted in a bizarre incident involving a stolen cab and offer involved shooting. we obtained this booking photo tonight of 25-year-old peter russell. he's charged with carjacking, assault with a deadly weapon and driving under the in influence. a man flagged down a cab, jumped into it and smashed the windshield. the ca
there are plenty antivandalism laws on the books but not enough enforcement and only two city crews designated for cleanup. >>> the city of concord says the high cost has it considering the move to imbed electronic devices on street lamps. vallejo began using it two years ago. the arrests of suspected copper thieves spike. >> we get a message that the wire is being removed, and it's literally moving, and we get notification. pd gets notification, and they go after it. >> concord says it has spent more than a million dollars repairing and replacing copper wiring since $2,007. kocher wiring is worth about a pound at salvage yards. >>> oakland police met the press today to go over a mrn for a new community policing strategy. police want to divide the city to five districts, each led by a captain required to meet regularly with the neighborhood advisory board. the police department accepts applications and then will pick who sits on the advisory board. there's no word when this new sum is expected to be in place. >>> march madness is under construction here at hp pavilion. great fun for the funs b
-tech gun laws to mental health research. >>> now trending to testy change on capitol hill to ban is certain assault weapons. >> it came after california senator diane feinstein who clashed with cruz of texas. >> this does not prohibit you use the word prohibit. it exempts two two 712271 weapons. they need a baz okaya? do they need other high powered weapons that military people use to kill in close combat? i don't think so. >> i respect your view. >>> the bill is likely to defeat in the sulsenate. you can watch more -- full senate. can you watch more on ktvu.com. >>> san francisco police helps the attempted robbery will help find those mrnl. it happened on the 33 line at 18th and church in the castro last month. the victim held on to that phone as she was being dragged out of the bus. anyone with investigation is asked to call police. >>> city college of san francisco, detail the city's problems and the cut backs that may be needed to save it. >> students from city college of san francisco marched to city hall where are hundreds of supporters joined them in a rally. >> while tomorrow is the
witnessed and what he couldn't do. >> if it is any comfort they talk to the mother-in-law of the driver who parished and she called the officers heroes because they tried all they could to help the man. other officers are coming to his aid and pouring something on his hands and he did have to end up going to the hospital for treatment. >> another officer tried to break the windshield and he wasn't able to do it and the flames were too too intense. >> witnesses tell them speed may be a factor. >>> two videos to show you guys, a bad case of the sticky fingers. the first one is very short surveillance clip of these two people that went into this pet store and they played around with a puppy which the owner of the store says it is okay to do. when she was distracted they grabbed the black lab mix puppy and they stormed out the door. >> oh, man. who steals a puppy? what are you going to do, raise the puppy and you know you stole the thing? it is terrible. >> you do see the owner come out from one of the aisles and follows trying to get their license plate but they had it covered with a piece of
the cops. this wasn't the only brush with the law that charles ross has had recently. in january, you may remember, he was arrested for a wedgy prank. his other video includes kissing strangers, getting in cars with strangers and remember the truck ball video. ross creations has more than 7,000 subscribers and his videos have tallied up more than 7.8 million views on youtube. so wildly popular his pranks. this one got him in some hot water. >>> a chicago metro train was delayed for about 15 minutes last week which isn't out of the ordinary but the reason why it was delayed is. tsa viper agents were on board. reports say they were looking for some sort of nuclear device. dave from tbs 2, an investigative reporter checked into this video captured by one of cbs 2's photo journalist on a cell phone. she happened to be on the train. each one were carrying a handheld nuclear detection device. you see these guys going through the train looking at bags and questioning riders. it wasn't something they wanted to find, it was someone. >> had no idea that i was the center of the activity. >> jerry jo
of the law keeping bees and chickens in their yards. deborah villalon with more on how the city is trying to catch up with its neighbors. >> reporter: julie this is a forbidden chicken coop. most bay area cities have rules, san leandro a ban. so backyard poultry and bee keeping are illegal. >> i've been breaking the law for two weeks, i'm an illegal chicken keeper and beekeeper. >> reporter: san leandro residents spoke tonight in favor of urban agriculture. >> why do we need to keep any ordnance. >> reporter: some argued for lifting the ban but the city is drafting a permit process. >> we need to set guidelines especially it's really intended for those who can't meet the minimum qualification. >> reporter: qualifications such as how many chickens in how big a yard and requirements for their coop and their care so their neighbors aren't disturbed. >> chickens should be legal. they're legal everywhere else in alameda county. >> reporter: this 4h family has four hens. noisiest at feeding time. they'll need a permit for four birds. >> you get a little bit of that farm living in the city. you
for someone being targeted for bad views what happen to the first amendment." sjsu political law expert kenneth nuger says it is possible for the commander in chief to make an argument for using drones on u-s soil but it is the police who would more likely use drones on american soil. kenneth nuger/ assoc professor political science" " i'm more concerned about drones being used for surveillance than drones being used to kill people because the drones being used to kill people would be such a extraordinary rare circumstances and probably based on some really good evidence and probably reasonably justifiable."" professor nuger says the publics concern over drones are valid and no matter how drones end up being used in the future they will have less of a shock value because the technology will be less foreign. as most of you are aware in the last few days we have had some unusual warm, sunny weather. and many students have been taking advantage of it. we found out more about the possible reason for the weather change. ">>>maui ke: spring starting out like this, this is amazing. a professor
'm tom duhain, back to you. >>> bay area law enforcement is warning drivers not to test their luck or sobriety on the roads this st. patrick's day weekend as they crackdown on drunk drivers. our crews were with officers yesterday when the chp began its stepped up enforcement and caught this dui crash in hayward. several checkpoints are set up tonight across the bay area. last st. patrick's day, the chp made more than 300 dui arrests statewide. >> a newly licensed teen driver is now facing dui charges after an early morning crash in marin county. 18-year-old ramirez was driving five other people many her car had she crashed on southbound 101 near the waldo tunnel. three passengers in that vehicle got out, took off on foot. one of them was caught. one passenger was taken to the hospital with major injuries and ramirez suffered a broken arm. chp says she got her driver's license just eight days ago. >>> happening now, crews are preparing to shut down all northbound lanes along 880 as they get ready do some large construction work on the bart oakland airport connector. roadway is to b
of anti vandalism laws on the books but a lack of enforcement and just two city crews to do all the clean up. >>> state officials voted to issue $8.6 billion in bonds for the high speed rail project it is to link northern and southern california with trains. they want to sell $2.5 billion of the bonds construction is set to begin on the first segment in central valley this summer. opponents of the high speed rail project filed a new lawsuit in an effort to stop construction. it argue it is agent is misleading voterthe project is misguided and unfeasible. they claim the project approved in 2008 is drastically different than the one currently in the works. >>> two men indited for a scheme to funnel $20 million out of the state's pension fund. the former ceo of california public employees retirement system and former board member, of fabricating documents that tricked people into paying $20 million in fees to the firm apollo they are facing fraud, obstruction of justice and other charges the sec also sued them last year. >>> los angeles jury heard opening statements. he started using the nam
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